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Gavin Wong

Gavin Wong


Product Description

Hi, this is Gavin here.

First of all thank you for checking out my photography/video work. Stoked to learn more about your visionary. It seems like you have a broad sense of what you are after so, excited for what lies ahead!

I specialise in making creative videography, video editing & photography, with a mindset that helps brands at overall better storytelling – which then helps engage your target audience. I produce high quality, professional-looking videography & photography content for apartments, restaurants, hotels & cinematic locations. With a bag full of little tricks + a creative mind I believe I can bring value to your brand, help elevate it to the next level. With my marketing background in the UK thus working on cruise ships in Sydney, I have exposure to varieties of people. I know how to create content that taps into consumer’s brain.

Everything you see here I self-learned & picked up on YouTube – started my freelance career during the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to help my first client won $10000USD by making the best pitch video for them.

For me, it’s either don’t do it or strive for the best. For more travel/cinematic reels kindly head to my insta profile – gavinwoong. This is the beginning stage of my freelance videography career so you can have me with a bargain price in comparison to others:)

Creativity comes first, price is secondary. If you have a visionary that aligns, hit me up to discuss further.

Appreciate your time.



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