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Chiara Gavuzzi

Chiara Gavuzzi


Product Description

My name is Chiara, I was born in Asti, Piedmont in 1994. Since I was a child I’ve always been interested in photography and I started properly studying it in high school.  After attending the Accademia delle belle Arti of Cuneo (where I studied Photography and Videography) and getting my Bachelor’s degree, I moved to Norwich (UK) for one year. There, I worked as a waitress and a photographer. Norwich was to become the city where I realized photography had to be my first job.Two years later, I moved back to my home country and I got my Master’s degree with honors in Architectural and Industrial photography and videography at the LABA Academy of Brescia. There, I found my way and I realized what taking images meant to me: finding beauty in the world.Now, I’m based in Sydney, Australia; I moved here to get a wider perspective of the world, to change point of view (everything that a photographer needs).If someone were to ask me how do I see myself, I’d say that I’m a person with strong principles and that I long and love to live everyday with empathy. I’m currently working as a freelance, and everyday I fight and live to achieve my dream.

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