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Michael Dela Cruz

Michael Dela Cruz


Product Description

Not your ordinary wedding photographer. In pursuit of a powerful, original photos. Real moments. Fearless. ​

Michael Dela Cruz is a Filipino-Australian wedding and lifestyle photographer. Member of the Fearless Photographers. An artist who has worked with many clients and customers in Sydney. His extensive experience in the field of people photography has enabled him to render unique and exceptional photographic style for his clients. As a pro-photographer, he ensure that his clients are provided with the best photography services at par with the highest quality standards and even surpassing client’s expectations.

​His creative mind behind his work inspirations and artistic approach of captured special memories aimed to remind everyone that it really feels good to be in love. His creation seizes each client’s special moment in photographs as they share the joys and emotions in each celebration of love. His unique artsy-candid Dark & Moody style in photography results to beautiful pictures of unforgettable memories. He strongly share the views that a photography session is a story unfolding each moment and transcends a lifetime. He believe that there is nothing better than capturing genuine display of emotions and holding on to these memories forever. Ever invisible yet fearless. Featured as one of the best wedding photographers in Sydney. He love how he can capture special moments in people’s lives and create it with my artsy style of photography. He feel happy when he see his clients smile and satisfied. It feels satisfying when he capture their moment that maybe gone forever.


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